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The Annie Baby Monitor lets you watch your baby or toddler from anywhere ensuring their safety and giving you peace of mind. All you need are at least two devices, no separate camera, and you can use it anywhere. But, how does it compare to other video baby monitors? I was given a premium membership so I can provide this Annie Baby Monitor app review based on my 15+ years as a sleep consultant.

How to Get the Annie Baby Monitor App?

To get started using the Annie Baby Monitor app, you’ll need at least two devices with the app installed. The way the app works is both devices log into the app using the same user id and password and with one being the parent unit. It’s very easy to pair the devices. Simply download the Annie Baby Monitor on all devices you plan to use to get started!

What Equipment Do You Need for the Annie Baby Monitor App?

You do not have to buy a separate baby monitor or camera to use this mobile app. That’s the beauty of it! You simply need at least two devices with WiFi capability or mobile data. It works with WiFi, E, 3G, 4G, LTE, and 5G. Even your Apple Watch works! You can monitor your baby as you move around your home doing whatever you need to do.

For the purposes of this baby monitor review, I set up my personal mobile phone as the parent device and set up a Samsung tablet for the baby monitor. Since the tablet does not have mobile data, I connected both to my home WiFi. Once I downloaded the apps and followed the instructions, I was ready to go. VERY easy to set up!

One thing to note is I tried setting up an old mobile phone as one of my devices, but it was a bit too old since it was over 5 years old. But, this app is still a good use for older devices you may no longer be using!

Video Quality

Since the app uses your own devices, the video quality is as good as the device that is functioning as the “baby” device. We installed the app on another device, a Samsung Note 22 Ultra, and the quality was amazing! The quality wasn’t as good using my older mobile device but that just gives me more motivation to upgrade my device. Ha! Regardless, the quality is great!

Annie Baby Monitor Review Feature List

The features of the Annie Baby Monitor are plentiful with a very easy-to-use interface when you first turn on the app. First, select whether the device you’re on is the “baby” or the “parent”. And, yes, you can swap back and forth easily! I did that multiple times to check the video quality and sound. When you are monitoring the baby with the parent device, simply click the buttons to turn features on and off.

Two-Way Video and Audio

One feature of the Annie Baby Monitor is 2-way video and audio. With a click of a button, you can turn on your own video and audio so you can talk to your baby or toddler and they can see and/or hear you, too! This can be very helpful so you can soothe your baby from another room or tell them to go back to sleep. Some of the parents I work with have made 2-way communication their go-to soothing mechanism during sleep training (with great success)!

Unlimited Range

One of the primary benefits of using Annie Baby Monitor over a traditional hardware baby monitor is the unlimited range you have. You can be in the garden while your baby is napping, at work while your baby is at home with the nanny, on a date with your partner, or maybe your baby is at grandma’s for the night for the first time. As long as both devices are connected to any network and logged into your account, you can see your precious baby. Talk about peace of mind!

Motion Detection

Another feature of this app is the motion detection. If your baby moves or makes noise, you will get a notification on your phone.

Why would you want this feature?

Worrying about your newborn is common. This will give you peace of mind your baby is moving without needing to go in and disturb them. Then, as your baby grows and changes, you will know when your child is awake. You can hit record on the app if they’re doing something cute and it will save a video for you too. You can see your baby do something new such as standing up in the crib for the first time, or peek and make sure your toddler isn’t getting into trouble when your child transitions to a toddler bed. Peace of mind is priceless!

More Features of the Annie Baby Monitor

If all of the above features aren’t enough, the Annie Baby Monitor has a few bonus features that most baby monitors lack.

Night Vision, Nightlight, and Zoom

In addition to the above features, the Annie Baby Monitor app has night vision, a nightlight, and you can zoom in and out to see your baby closer. This app has so many features to help you monitor your baby from all directions and angles!

Lullabies and White Noise

Annie Baby Monitor White Noise and Music

As you probably know, music and white noise can help keep your baby fall asleep and stay asleep. Since 14 lullabies and 16 options for white noise are included in the Annie Baby Monitor app, there’s no need to have a separate white noise machine, MP3 player, or even another app running on the device. Very convenient!

Baby Tracking Using Annie Baby Monitor

One of the best and most important features of the Annie Baby Monitor is baby tracking. As you know, we highly recommend keeping a sleep log but this app makes it even easier! Here are all the things you can track using this app:

Feeding Tracker

Whether you’re breastfeeding, formula feeding, or bottle feeding breast milk, you can track all of your feeding sessions in the app. This will help you learn your baby’s patterns quickly and you can quickly see if your baby is drinking enough ounces per day.

Sleep Tracker

Keep track of all of your baby’s naps and nighttime sleep in the app. The great part about tracking your baby’s sleep is that you can look for patterns and signs it might be time to drop a nap. In addition, you can make sure your baby is getting all the sleep they need each day!

Diaper Tracker

When you have a newborn, making sure they have enough wet and dirty diapers is very important to make sure your baby is getting enough milk. In addition, it can help you be alerted that something might be wrong with your baby’s digestive system. If you notice your baby is very fussy, for example, when you take them to the doctor, they will likely ask you how many wet or dirty diapers your baby has. Keeping track in the app can help you find problems faster.

Growth Tracker

Track your baby’s height, weight, and developmental milestones. Even if your baby is growing exactly right, it’s always fun to look back when they get older. What’s even better about this app is it has interactive charts and comparisons to averages so you can quickly feel reassured your baby is on the right track or know when you might want to ask the doctor questions!

Health Tracker

Keep track of your baby’s immunizations, medications, and doctor’s appointments in this handy feature of the app. This keeps you organized and you’d be surprised how many times you’ll need access to the date of a vaccination.

It’s so nice that you can track all of these important things for your baby in one convenient app!

Annie Baby Monitor Review Conclusion

I hope this Annie Baby Monitor Review has been helpful to you to see that the Annie Baby Monitor is the best baby monitor app to monitor your baby wherever you are. It was easy to set up, and the user interface was very easy to use. The unlimited range is something you can’t beat and allows you to watch your baby from literally anywhere. We highly recommend the Annie Baby Monitor for your family!

P.S. There is a 3-day Free Trial, so you have nothing to lose! Download Annie Baby Monitor TODAY!

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