Vinfast electric truck, Hertz selling EVs for gasoline, by-wire firsts: Today’s Car News

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Hertz is selling its EVs for more gas vehicles. Vinfast previews three EVs. And the first EV that goes completely by-wire has been U.S.-certified. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The rental-car giant Hertz has announced that it’s selling a third of its EV fleet—about 20,000 EVs, including some Teslas—to buy gasoline cars. The company points to expensive collision claims and charging issues, and has suggested that Tesla’s price volatility didn’t help. 

The first vehicle with by-wire steering, braking, and acceleration has passed U.S. safety and EPA certification, the EV startup REE Automotive reported this week. While vehicles offering two of those three types of by-wire tech have been increasingly common, all three help pave the way for radical changes in EV packaging and autonomous vehicle tech.

And Vietnam’s Vinfast revealed an electric pickup concept, a $20,000 mini electric SUV, and a retro-styled e-bike, all at this week’s CES in Las Vegas. The three future EVs from Vinfast set a more interesting potential product path for the brand, beyond its VF 8 and VF 9 electric crossovers and toward franchised dealer sales in the U.S. 


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