Pagani Huayra R Evo adds power, long-trail design

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Pagani has revealed a more extreme version of its already over-the-top Huayra R track car.

The new Huayra R Evo is no mere update as the car features a new body, a thoroughly overhauled engine, and the ability to remove the roof.

The new body represents the biggest change over the Huayra R. It adopts a long-tail design, similar to what Pagani implemented for the Huayra Codalunga, and together with other aerodynamic modifications helps to boost downforce over the Huayra R by 45% without adding to drag.

The rear section stretches an additional 7.5 inches, and extra length is also added to the front by way of an extended splitter. There are also new flics at the front and a central stabilizing fin running the length of the engine cover. The fin joins up with a roof scoop that now extends all the way to the top of the windshield.

Flanking the roof scoop are removable roof panels that Pagani founder Horacio Pagani said were inspired by the current crop of IndyCar race cars. He said he came up with the idea after watching an IndyCar race in Nashville. He said he wanted to create an aeroscreen design similar to what’s found on the IndyCar race cars, where the driver can have an open top to enable the rush of the air and the sound of the engine to enter the cabin unhindered.

The engine is still a 6.0-liter V-12 like in the Huayra R. Developed in partnership with HWA, the race team founded by a co-founder of AMG, the engine delivers a peak 888 hp, or 50 more than the engine in the Huayra R. The new V-12’s redline has also been bumped up by 200 rpm to 9,200 rpm, and the engine also benefited from enhancements to the intake, exhaust, and camshafts.

The engine drives the rear wheels via a 6-speed sequential transmission that was also developed with HWA. According to Pagani, the non-synchronized dog ring transmission has been designed specifically for the Huayra platform, and weighs just 176 pounds. It also serves as a structural member thanks to direct mounting with both the engine and carbon-fiber tub.

Pagani Huayra R Evo

The Huayra R Evo’s suspension features double wishbones made from forged aluminum, as well as active dampers, and what’s commonly known as a heave damper. Common to racing and used on some supercars, the heave damper helps control the height of the car independent of the dampers at each wheel, such as to prevent the car bottoming out at high speeds from the downforce generated. Other upgrades include carbon-ceramic brake rotors, 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels, and Pirelli P Zero slick racing tires.

Pagani hasn’t provided any performance numbers but said the car should match the performance of the current crop of LMP2 sport prototype race cars on the track.

Pagani also hasn’t revealed pricing, but the company said buyers will be invited to join the company’s Arte in Pista program. This is where Pagani organizes track-day events at famous circuits and offers coaching from professional drivers as well as full track-side assistance.

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