Open Season: Your Ultimate Dubs 2024 Mega Gallery

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The annual Ultimate Dubs weekend can only mean one thing: a new show season is upon us.

Spring has sprung in the United Kingdom, bringing with it torrential rain, more motorway traffic, and a spike in the sales of quick detailer spray and microfibre towels.

Last year’s Ultimate Dubs was a mixed bag, which brought concerns over the state of one-make car shows. There were some highlights, but the recipe began to feel a little stale, and I hoped it was just a dip in form for the Dubbing dynasty.

Mario Christou UD24 SH Edits-96

2024 may have been quieter than previous years – thanks in no small part to the awful weather – but I am pleased to report the show itself felt like a cut above what we saw in 2023.

Mario Christou UD24 SH Edits-115

The cars were nicely arranged, and photographers had room to breathe, which meant more scope for shooting.

Mario Christou UD24 SH Edits-113

The centre stage hall was a prime example of that with the new carpet layout and what I saw as the biggest improvement – strong, neutral white lights above.

Mario Christou UD24 SH Edits-122

My go-to camera is my beloved Sony A9, which I upgraded to from a Sony A7iii that struggled to keep up when panning GT3 race cars. But even with the A9’s fantastic sensor and wide dynamic range, the old lighting situation was a nightmare.

Mario Christou UD24 SH Edits-132
Mario Christou UD24 SH Edits-127

It was also great to see some continental European cars had made the journey over, including this pair of Audi A1s with camber ranging from extreme to ridiculous.

Mario Christou UD24 SH Edits-144

Not only was the show floor arranged better, but the quality of cars was very high for the most part too. Even those situated in smaller trade stands seemed more carefully selected than what we’ve seen in previous years.

Mario Christou UD24 SH Edits-108

Air Lift Performance had their show-stoppers out in force.

Mario Christou UD24 SH Edits-74
Mario Christou UD24 SH Edits-1-2

Being the ’90s Euro fanboy enthusiast that I am, my highlights from the stand were Marc Knight’s purple, BBS-equipped Porsche 968, and Dougie McColm’s Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.5 Cosworth, which I will be showing you in more detail in a separate spotlight.

Mario Christou UD24 SH Edits-55

As always, the ‘Red Room’ showcased some of the UK’s finest VAG builds. The Ultimate Dubs, if you will.

Mario Christou UD24 SH Edits-1

And the outdoor space was as diverse as ever, with a wide range of owner clubs and show-and-shine exhibitors in the mix.

Mario Christou UD24 SH Edits-85

Add in BMX stunt displays, RC drifting, and a charity raffle to do some good whilst enjoying our hobby, and you’ve got yourself a family-friendly car show.

Mario Christou UD24 SH Edits-152

There were a few outstanding machines that I can’t wait to show you through standalone spotlights, so keep your eyes peeled.

Mario Christou UD24 SH Edits-145

It may not be the hectic Ultimate Dubs of old, but I think the venerable Telford car show is back in a big way. I expect the 2025 event to be busy again – so long as the weather plays ball.

Mario Christou UD24 SH Edits-167

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it after all, but a few tweaks have gone a long way after 18 years. Welcome back Ultimate Dubs, it’s nice to see you again.

Mario Christou
Instagram: mcwpn

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