Morgan tests EV technology with electric 3-wheeler prototype

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Morgan came close to launching an electric version of its previous-generation three-wheeler, but the company canned the project at the last minute.

That was in 2020, and now Morgan has revealed an electric version of its latest three-wheeler, the Super 3, though there aren’t plans to put this one into production either.

Revealed on Wednesday, the XP-1 (Experimental Prototype number one) serves as a test bed for technology destined for future production EVs from Morgan, as well as a means to build in-house EV competence at a company known more for its old-world British charm than cutting-edge technology. The XP-1’s powertrain is actually the first powertrain fully developed in-house at Morgan in its 114-year history.

One of the main goals of the project, according to the company, is to learn how to transfer the driving characteristics of current gas-powered models to future electric ones. Another important goal is to develop a powertrain that will be able to retain Morgan’s lightweight qualities.

Morgan XP-1 prototype

The XP-1 packs a 134-hp electric motor and a 33-kwh battery estimated to deliver around 150 miles of range. Its dry weight is approximately 1,543 pounds, which is only slightly higher than the 1,400 pounds of the gas-powered Super 3.

Other features of the prototype include bidirectional charging, an external charge level indicator, and aerodynamically optimized wheels.

Following the completion of the XP-1, the prototype will undergo an intensive two-year test program, during which time the prototype will be routinely modified and upgraded.

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