IAMS 2024: Dutch Car Culture On Show

I can vividly remember visiting ‘AutoRAI’ when I was in school. IAMS, or the International Amsterdam Motor Show (its actual name), was held at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre and was a must-attend event for anyone interested in cars. However, when big players in the Dutch auto industry began backing out, the show ended in 2016.

Ultimately, IAMS just needed a refresh, and it returned to RAI Amsterdam in 2018 with a new focus – supercars, hypercars and high-end custom and tuning companies.


Taking it one step further, the International Amsterdam Motor Show organisers contracted RevWorks – a local automotive lifestyle and events promoter – to host an event within the event called ‘Modified at IAMS’.


While it is far from a huge event – even if the ‘International Amsterdam Motor Show’ name would suggest otherwise – there is always plenty to see, so I headed along to check it out.


As always, RevWorks took their job seriously by selecting a variety of high-quality cars. The Modified at IAMS hall had everything from full-on stance cars to some serious high-power performance builds.


Being the sneaker heads they are, RevWorks added to the expected automotive vendor offerings – think detailing suppliers, scale model retailers and wheel merchants – with a giant sneaker reseller booth. Is that a first at a car show? Regardless, as a sneaker fiend myself, I loved it.


Elsewhere in the venue, high-end tuners that included Mansory, TechArt, and Brabus, were well represented.


Imported automobile taxes in the Netherlands might not be as high as you see in some Southeast Asian countries, but they’re still substantial. That said, if you can afford something like a Koenigsegg Jesko Attack in the first place, what is another 150.000 Euro (approximately US$167,500) in BPM private motor vehicle and motorcycle tax?! That takes the total cost of this car to 3.5 million Euros (approximately US$3.8 million).


I have heard that the owner of the Jesko Attack had to also purchase this unique-spec Rimac Nevera to get his hands on the Koenigsegg, but as the deal was being done for the Jesko he also ordered a second one, this time an even wilder Absolut version.


How do you make a Brabus 6×6 even more in your face? You could wrap it in gold vinyl! This is the signature look of Dutch health influencer Joel Beukers.


Seeing old and new Alpines displayed together showed just how well the retro-inspired design was executed with the latest car.


While I am not a big supercar guy, this Ferrari lineup – which included an F40, F50, Enzo and multiple La Ferraris – was impressive. These cars have an unmatched presence.


Like what we saw at the 100% Auto Live show last year, Modified at IAMS held a ‘Car Catwalk’ with live commentary from a presenter and the cars’ owners. To be able to hear the cars adds another dimension to the show.


I missed it, but the RevWorks crew brought the noise, flames and smoke to the catwalk with this Death Race-esque machine.


As always, Chrome Cars displayed some screen-used Fast and Furious builds. Somehow, Dr. Emmett Brown was able to crash the party with a Back to the Future DeLorean DMC-12 time machine replica – not that anyone was complaining.


The 2024 European summer car season is in full swing, so I look forward to seeing what new Dutch builds show themselves before the bookend event in October with 100% Auto Live.

For now, there’s more from IAMS 2024 for you to check out below.

Collin Tiemens
Instagram: collinclicksphotos


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