EV battery price drop, electric truck interest, Lotus fast chargers: Today’s Car News

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Americans truck owners are a little less interested in electric trucks than last year. EV battery prices are falling. And Lotus rolls out some of the fastest chargers, to very few EVs that can handle it. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The performance brand Lotus is known for its fast cars, but now it’s offering up some of the fastest EV chargers in the world. While they’re set to make the most of its upcoming Eletre electric SUV, the list of EVs that can take advantage of the extra charge power at this point is very short. 

An annual survey assessing shopper interest in electric trucks, out this morning, showed “a slowdown in enthusiasm from shoppers of all stripes”—although shoppers remain very excited about the Tesla Cybertruck and the possibility of a Toyota electric pickup. 

And EV prices are dropping again. Thanks to a number of factors—most notably, the underutilization of battery plants, which freed up materials and lowered prices—lithium-ion EV battery pack prices have dropped 14% this year to a new low of $139/kwh. 


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