Bleeds Through Passion: The Ultrace Video

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Ultrace has quickly become one of our favorite events on the Speedhunting calendar, and if you’ve caught any previous coverage or been lucky enough to attend in person, you’ll surely know why.

Michał, Vladimir and Alen were all on the ground in Wrocław, Poland for the 2023 event, and that resulted in some extensive coverage on the site. A quick search of ‘Ultrace 2023′ on YouTube uncovers a number of very slickly-produced videos too, but now Ultrace have added to the mix with an official film directed by Christian Chrastev.

The 22-minute video – which you can watch by pressing the play button above – not only provides a nice overview of the event, but also very interesting insights from a number of overseas guests including Khyzyl SaleemWataru Kato and John Ludwick Jr.


It’s an inspiring and recommended watch, but if anything, Bleeds Through Passion just has us counting down the days till Club de Ultrace 2024 in late June.

Instragram: thespeedhunters

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